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Teacher Name Phone Instruments Suburbs Postcodes
Donna Ng 0433 171 965 Early Childhood Music Pyrmont (Friday) 2009
Valerie Gutenev Hale 0405 323 112 Early Childhood Music Paddington (Wednesday) 2021
Anastasia Coroneo 0415 953 548 Early Childhood Music Woollahra (Saturday & in the holidays) 2025
Alina Gollner 0430 100 134 ( Early Childhood Music Annandale (Tuesday) 2038
Caroline Killar 0401 135 673 ( Early Childhood Music Lane Cove (cancelled for 2021) 2066
Ester Balasch Lozano 0404 675 718 Early Childhood Music Lane Cove (Wednesday) 2066
Kimberlee Gross 0407 014 962 ( Early Childhood Music Killara 2071
Lydia Loi 0433 317 177 Early Childhood Music Waitara, Thornleigh 2077, 2120
Jan Cooper 02 9982 1147 Early Childhood Music Collaroy Plateau, Annandale 2097, 2099
Monica Lima 0416 325 979 ( Early Childhood Music Dee Why (Tuesday) in Portuguese 2099
Jodie Li 0417 499 019 Early Childhood Music Cheltenham (Tuesday & Friday) 2119
Sharne Conway 0424 243 531 Early Childhood Music Beecroft (Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday) 2119
Lynne McLeod 02 9489 1151 ( Early Childhood Music Thornleigh 2120
Julianne Tonini 0400 399 014 Early Childhood Music Dapto (not offered in 2021 due to Covid) 2530

How do I find a qualified Suzuki teacher?

The Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (NSW) Inc keeps an updated list of qualified teachers in your area. Even if you have found a Suzuki teacher on your own, it is advantageous to check with the web listing to verify their qualifications are current.

When choosing a teacher from the list of accredited Suzuki teachers, it is recommended that you arrange to observe some lessons to see the Suzuki Method in action and to see if the teacher’s style suits you.

Fees are set by each individual teacher.

What qualifications do teachers have?

All accredited Suzuki teachers must pass entry requirements and undergo specialised training to teach the Suzuki Method. Once accredited, teachers are expected to participate in teacher training workshops to ensure their professional growth and maintain their teacher status.
Teacher Accreditation levels are indicative of the current level of training and experience. Cert III level teachers have complied with all training requirements up to Graduation level 3 on their instrument. Cert IV have complied up to Graduation Level 7. Diploma have completed our full course.


Find a Teacher

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