Combined Festival Orchestra Rehearsal Day

Date Sunday 29th March, 2015
Time 10:00am - 3:00pm
Venue Suzuki Music Institute
Address Unit 1/1 Central Avenue, Thornleigh, NSW 2010.
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For Suzuki Cello, Violin & Viola Students from Book 4 to Post Book 10

The Festival Orchestras (Books 4 - 6 & Book 7+)

An exciting new initiative designed to bring wider community of Suzuki violinists, violists and cellists together.

These orchestras give students, unable to make weekly rehearsals, a chance to come together to learn and experience ensemble playing.

The rehearsals for this orchestra will be held in different parts of Sydney.  We have planned rehearsals in Thornleigh, Randwick and Boronia Park over the year.

The Festival Orchestras are driven from individual teachers and their studios.  Collect your music and practice your parts with your teacher and then attend our rehearsal workshop once a term.

The Senior Festival Orchestra will conclude their year with a performance at the Sydney Opera House Graduation Concert in November.

First rehearsal is on Sunday 29th March at Suzuki Music Institute, Thornleigh. 

More information about Festival Orchestra.

More information about Suzuki Academy

Please note:- Suzuki Office reserves the right to make any alterations should the need arise.

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