Family Membership

Family Membership is for all students learning an instrument from a Suzuki Teacher and it will be registered in a parent’s name.  Membership covers all members of the family.

2024 Family Membership is $133 but if you join/renew before 1 March 2024, Early Bird rate is $108. On 1 March 2024, the Early Bird rates will expire, and the fee will revert back to $133.

Please note that our membership runs from 1st February each year & expires on 31st January the following year.  (ie. from 1st February 2023 till 31st January 2024).  For 2024 membership, it will expire on 31 Jan 2025.

To join as a new member:

New Parents, please fill in our Member Registration Form HERE.  Your password needs to have One Capital, One Number and at least 8 characters for it to work.  Please put down the name of your teacher as your Membership Referral person.

Remember to press the Submit button once you have fill in the form.  A few seconds after that, you should receive an email confirming your registration and how to pay for the membership fee.

How to submit your payment (for New/Renewing Members) 

Your membership fee can be paid within the Member Portal (under the Payment Portal button).  Member Portal accepts membership fee payment with the following two methods

  • Payment by credit card –
    Please click on the Pay icon from the Payment Portal, and proceed to payment.

  • Payment using Creative Kids Voucher (CKV) – available for Family membership ONLY   

    • Please note, we can only accept 2024 CKV up till 1 June 2024.

    • As from 1 Feb 2024, we can accept member’s 2024 CKV.  Below are the processing steps: 
      • Log on to your Member Portal and pay your 2024 membership fee in FULL first.
      • Send us an email with your child/children’s CKV QR code (text format or screenshot or attachment) to
      • We will submit the voucher for redemption with Service NSW.  The usage of CKV is subject of Services NSW policy, and usually takes 3-4 weeks for the submission to be granted and confirmed.
      • When we receive payment from Service NSW, we will reimburse the amount of your CKV to the card you used to pay for the membership fee.

When we receive your membership fee in our bank account, you will get a Welcome Email from us and access to all the benefits of being a Suzuki member.


  1. If you are an existing Member and have forgotten your password, please click on the word “Forgot” (next to the word Password) and follow the instructions to re-set your password.  Your password needs to have One Capital letter, One Number and must have at least 8 characters.
  2. To add your child/ren press the “Register a Suzuki Student” button, and to link your child/ren to a teacher, press the “Register a New Lesson Enrolment” button.  You can make changes or add another child at any time.
  3. Please use the same email address we use to send email correspondence to you (ie Tempo Magazine or monthly Newsletter) for your initial logon.  You may change your email address after you have login.