Suzuki Programme Overview

Suzuki Talent Education Association of Aust. (NSW) Ltd offers many workshop, concerts and intensive schools during the course of the year for students. These are an integral part of Suzuki education. Dr Suzuki never believed it was good for students to learn in isolation. By participating in events together with others students are supported in their learning and motivated. They learn from each other and see that:

“if they can do it so can I”

The enrichment offered by these events helps to motivate the child. They have the opportunity to work with other teachers – some visiting International or Interstate tutors, who can offer their expertise in getting the best out of every student.

Parents have the opportunity to talk together and get support from more experience Suzuki parents.


Graduation & Summer School

Graduation & Summer School are the highlights of the year and are a must for all Suzuki families. Other workshops during the term offer performance opportunities or ensemble work that stimulates the participants and offers experiences that are not possible within a single studio.

Suzuki Orchestra Program

The Suzuki Institute has set up The Suzuki Academy for this.  This exciting new project which essentially means we will have more support from the Suzuki Association and access to some very exciting opportunities for orchestra members. The aim of this program is to provide excellent musical education for students in a Suzuki environment – an environment that will help nurture each student to their highest ability.  The program will include masterclasses, technique classes, orchestral rehearsals, small ensemble work, sight reading classes and will cover a diverse and exciting range of musical styles.

Suzuki Early Childhood MusicECE 2

Suzuki Early Childhood Education is a weekly 50 – 60 minute class for children and a ‘grown up’. The music classes follow a 2 week program (with variations).  A teacher leads the class in singing, dancing, twirling, chanting, stomping, tip-toeing, clapping, counting, taking turns, reading, exploring pitch and rhythm on baby/child-friendly instruments, and listening to classical music.

Group 1: children aged  0 –  3years of age (approx)

Group 2: preschool age 3½ years of age onwards until the start of school
Ideally preschool age children should spend time in the Group 1 class to establish beat, rhythm and pitch

For more information:-

Suzuki Early Childhood Music (SECE)