Fundraising Concert

Date Sunday 5th June, 2016
Time 5:30pm
Venue Private Home
Address Watsons Bay (address supplied with tickets)
Notes This event is not organised by Suzuki Music
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in support of young violinists Carmela Reznik & Beatrice Colombis

Please join us for a wonderful concert in support of two talented young violinists who have been invited to Europe to compete and to study.

Performing Artist: Acacia Quartet, Violinist Ilya Isakovich, Saxophonist Nick Russionello, Lulu Liu performing on teh Chinese Pipa, Excerpts from 'The Nutcracker' with Ballet Dancer Lennox Niven and a screening of silent film 'Chess Fever' with live piano accompaniment to the film by Mauro Colombis

It will be a child friendly event and children are free.  The artists who have agreed to perform at the concert are absolutely top top and it would be very valuable for young players to hear them.  And of course Beatrice and Carmela are terribly excited and they will get such a boost from having their friends there to support them.

The lady hosting the concert is putting her heart into it as well - she wants to bring everybody up onto her beautiful terrace overlooking the water during the interval and give them all snacks up there.

There is a ferry which operates on Sundays, and bus number 324 or 325 outside the door.

Adult: $50; Children: Free

If you are not free to come but would like to donate something, there is a facility to do that using the Try Booking link.



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