Multi Piano Workshop – all levels

Date Sunday 10th March, 2024
Time from 10:00am - 3:00pm (students' time will be advised before 1 March 2024)
Venue Suzuki Music Institute
Address Unit 1, 1 Central Avenue, Thornleigh, NSW 2120
Booking Email Bookings Only

Get involved for our first multi piano workshop of the year for Twinklers to Senior levels.

Have fun learning with experienced Suzuki teachers and sharing music with one another.  Teachers reported that students who attended our previous Multi Piano event had renewed motivation and energy in learning!  Students are motivated and energised by playing music with their peers and hearing pieces more advanced than what they are currently up to.

Students will play high quality keyboards positioned in a circle providing a unique opportunity to see each other while we play.  This is a fun learning experience where students will play prepared review pieces and develop their ability to play together as one with one heart.

Dr Suzuki said that Playing together not only requires advanced listening skills, it gives students the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves, to be part of making a larger unified sound.  This is a powerful experience.

Please print-out Repertoire Revision Groups & Pieces and choose the group which has repertoire which your child can play NOW.  Also please speak with your teacher to confirm that your child knows and can revise all the pieces in the group.  It is important that students know  all the Revision Repertoire for their group so they can fully participate in their group.  It is also extremely beneficial for them to play well and confidently with their peers as it enhances their playing generally and lays scaffolding and motivation for future learning.

Your children will have 45 minutes of fun and valuable experiences learning with our senior Suzuki teachers.

Group Time will be advised on or before 1 March as it will all depends on the enrolment.  We advised that you keep the whole of 10 March free just for this event.

Multipiano Repertoire Revision Groups & Pieces

Fee: $30/student

Terms & Conditions: 

  • if numbers are below our minimum requirement, STEAA may combine or cancel the class.
  • students must be 2024/25 Active members of STEAA
  • students must purchase a group/session and arrive at the venue no earlier than 15 minutes before your class time
  • no refund will be given once booked
  • spaces are limited, first come first serve basis
  • Please do not come even if you/your child is slightly unwell


Timetables subject to change without notice and Suzuki Office reserves the right to make any alterations should the need arise.

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