Piano Event – Tutorials and Concerts for all Levels

Date Sunday 2nd June, 2024
Time Morning (AM: tutorials/concerts will start between 9am and 11am) or Afternoon (PM: tutorials/concerts will start between 1pm and 3pm). Your child's allocated session will be confirmed on or before 29 May
Venue Suzuki Music Institute
Address Unit 1/1 Central Avenue, Thornleigh, NSW 2010.
Booking Book Now Online Closing: 26/May/24

The Concerts and Tutorials are open to all Suzuki piano students of all ages and all levels who would like the opportunity to play and learn in a friendly and supportive environment.  As space are very limited, please BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment.

Parents can book their child/children for Tutorial & Concert or Tutorial Only or Concert Only.

Sessions are available in the Morning (AM: tutorials/concerts will start between 9am and 11am) or Afternoon (PM: tutorials/concerts will start between 1pm and 3pm).

A TUTORIAL is a small group class led by an experienced Suzuki teacher where each child has an individual short lesson on their chosen piece. Parents and other children in the class also learn by observing and listening to other children’s lessons. Children are grouped in similar book levels, not age levels.

Tutorial Grouping:

  • Twinkle Class -  from beginners up to Honeybee
  • Books 1 students - can prepare 1 or 2 tutorial pieces.
  • Books 2 and above students - are to prepare 1 tutorial piece.

A CONCERT is a solo performance by one child, or a duet by 2 children, in front of an audience of children and adults. Children may perform pieces from any book level (eg Twinkle A) to advanced post graduate repertoire. Maximum time for each piece is 5 minutes. Restrictions apply on the number of children in each concert due to the size of the Brissenden Hall.

Concert piece: Concert piece title, composer and duration of the piece must be known before booking. Maximum duration is 5 minutes per concert piece. Concert pieces should not be played in tutorials.

Performers should wear suitable concert clothes & shoes (smart-casual)

Please ensure that your children/students are well prepared for these concerts and tutorials so that they can have a really wonderful and positive experience.


Students must be current, active 2024/25 financial members of STEAA (NSW) Ltd. To join or renewing, please click HERE

No change in Tutorial/Concert piece/s after booking.

Bookings are to be made by families. 
Before enrolling, parents MUST discuss with their teacher the pieces that their child/children intend to play.  Families are to be guided by their Suzuki teacher regarding the chosen performance piece and tutorial pieces.  After enrolling Parents are obliged to inform their teacher that they have enrolled and advise their teacher what pieces they have listed on the booking form.

Spaces are limited. We advise everyone to book early.  Preferred AM sessions: tutorials/concerts will start between 9am and 11am.  Preferred PM sessions: tutorials/concerts will start between 1pm and 3pm. Please make sure you choose the correct session.  Please keep the whole morning or afternoon free just for this event as specific times cannot be allocated until enrolments are finalised.  Your child/children's session will be advised on or before 29 May as all tutorial and concert times will depend on enrolment numbers.

Please note: if numbers are below our minimum requirement, the Suzuki Office reserves the right to combine, move students to a different session, shorten the tutorial time and make any other alterations should the need arise.  

Please arrive 15mins before Tutorial/Concert start time (whichever starts first) and not any earlier to avoid congestions at the venue.

Only one adult can accompany each enrolled child into the tutorial rooms due to the size of rooms for Covid and flu safety.

No refund will be given if a student cannot attend once booked.

Over-subscribe: as spaces are limited, please book early to avoid disappointment.  We will allocate your child on first come first served basis.  If for any reason we cannot fit your child in a session, we will refund you in full.

COVID and Flu Safe

Please do not come even if attending participants and audience/attendees are slightly unwell, including  coughing or sneezing or having a runny nose.


  • Concerts: $25 per piece per student (max 5min piece).  Each concert is approx. 50-60mins.
  • Tutorials: $30 for Twinkle students and $40 for Books 1 and above students.  If less than 4 students in a tutorial, the tutorial time will be reduced.  Tutorial pieces or sections of tutorial pieces should not exceed 5 minutes.  (duration: approx. 50mins)
  • Combined Tutorial and Concert: $50 for Twinkle students and $55 for Book 1 and above students, per piece per student (approx. combined duration 2hours).

Please note: There will be a small booking fee added to these costs.

Suzuki Office reserves the right to make any alterations should the need arise.

Your enrolment in this event indicates your acceptance of our General Terms & Conditions and Internet Merchant Policies & Procedures and Privacy Policy


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