Solo Recitals for all Instruments (all levels)

Date Sunday 27th August, 2023
Time Concert start time: 10am, 1pm & 3:30pm
Venue Suzuki Music Institute
Address Unit 1, 1 Central Avenue, Thornleigh, NSW 2120
Booking Email Bookings Only

This Concert series is open to all students as soloists who would like the opportunity to play with an accompanist in a friendly and supportive environment.

This is an ideal opportunity for students to gain valuable experience at performing to an appreciative audience.  It is a great motivation for the performer to focus on bringing their repertoire up to a high standard.  There is nothing like performing at a concert and being appreciated.  It also highlights the gift of music by sharing with others.

Please ensure that your children/students are well prepared for these concerts so that they can have a really wonderful and positive experience.  We will also be offering a quick sound and tempo check with our piano accompanist on the day.  


- Concert Start Times: 10am, 1pm and 3.3opm 

- Concert Duration: approximately 60mins each concert.

- Quick sound-check for all students on the day.  All Strings & Wind students, please come 1 hour before your Concert Start Time.  If you are a Piano student or using your own piano accompanist, please come 15mins before your Concert Start Time.

- If your child's recital piece is outside of our Suzuki Repertoire, please send a copy of the score to latest by 13 August; or you may arrange your own piano accompanist; or you many perform without a piano accompanist.  Please note: our piano accompanist may require your child to do a private rehearsal with her and additional fee will apply.  

- All students (except piano students) are welcome to arrange a private rehearsal session with our piano accompanist.  Additional fees will apply and subject to our piano accompanist availability also.  Please email for our piano accompanist details after you have made your booking.

- Please chose a piece to performance not more than 8 minutes long.

- You must know the concert piece's name and the duration of the piece before you book. We cannot accept applications with any incomplete information like "to be confirmed" or "don't know the duration details".

- No change of the concert piece is allowed, so please choose carefully.

- Books 1-5 = $30 per piece per student + booking fee

- Books 6 & Up = $37 per piece per student + booking fee.  You may request for a private rehearsal with our piano accompanist and pay an additional fee directly to him/her, prior to concert day.  Private rehearsal is not required for Piano students or if you are using your own accompanist.

- Students must be 2023/24 Active (financial) members of STEAA

- Smart casual dress code is recommended

- No refund can be considered after booking

- Spaces are limited

- Student must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian/Adult at all times

- Unregistered siblings must remain seated with the parent during the concert

- No food is allowed in the Venue/Brissenden Hall

- Suzuki Office reserves the right to make any alterations should the need arise

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