Suzuki Early Childhood Program 2014, Term 4 resume dates:-

Date Wednesday 8th October, 2014 to Sunday 12th October, 2014
Time for 0-3yrs old: 10am - 11am / for 3-5yrs old: 11am - 12pm
Note this only apply to classes held in Thornleigh
Venue Suzuki Music Office
Address Unit 1, 1 Central Avenue, Thornleigh, NSW 2010.
Booking No Booking Required

For children aged 0 - 5years old.

Lesson duration:- between 45mins to 1hour.

A child can start at any time during the term.

To find a teacher near you go to Find A Teacher

General Information

Parent Information


The following are timetables for classes held in Thornleigh - Suzuki Office only.

Wednesday class: (10 weeks)
will resume on 8th October until 10th December. 
Teacher: Lynne McLeod
10:00am for 0 - 3 years
11:10am for Preschool

Thursday class: (10 weeks) 
will resume on 9th October until 11th December.
Teacher: Gabrielle Donovan
10:00am for 0 - 3 years
11:10am for Preschool

Saturday class: (10 weeks)
will resume on 11th October until 13th December
Teacher: Caroline Killar
9:00am for 0 - 3 years
10:00am for 0 - 3 years
11:10am for Preschool

If you are new, come for a trial class. Interested families please contact the Suzuki Office on 02 9484 9611 for more information.

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