Cert IV Teacher Training – Philosophy and Parent Education Lecture Day (Day 1)

Date Sunday 15th May, 2022
Time 9:30am - 12:30pm, break and resume 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Venue Online live on Zoom
Address with Zohara Rotem
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Unit 1 : Philosophy (Certificate IV Level)

Unit 6 : Parent Education (Certificate IV Level)

PREREQUISITE: Before enrolling in these training modules, all Trainees must have completed the following: 

  1. Certificate III Accreditation
  2. Paid for teacher membership (click here to renew your NSW Suzuki Teacher Membership if you haven't renew, or have Suzuki membership with another State)


Deepening understanding of and constant engagement with the Suzuki philosophy is at the heart of Suzuki teaching and being a Suzuki teacher.

As well as dedicated philosophy training days, Suzuki philosophy is woven throughout the training.

Outcome: Trainees will demonstrate their understanding, engagement with Suzuki philosophy. They will show an understanding of several key concepts of Suzuki philosophy and how they apply to the educating of children.

Cert IV Assessment for Unit 1: (Due date for Assessment: Wed 15th June 2022)

Suzuki Philosophy Essay - 3000 words on the topic “In what way has Suzuki Philosophy influenced your personal development? What does it mean to you and how have you tried to apply it to your life and teaching?”


Communicating the Suzuki philosophy to parents is a key role of a Suzuki teacher in the Suzuki Triangle and developing this skill is ongoing for all Suzuki teachers.

Trainees will receive specific training about how to communicate with parents and specific strategies that can be employed in different situations.

Outcome: Trainees will show an understanding of how to communicate the philosophy to parents in a variety of ways.

Certificate IV Assessment for Unit 6: (Due Date for Assessment: Wed 15th June 2022)

Written Assignment: Parent Information Document – Comprehensive document of parent education methods used in your studio for example:

o Parent talks

o Educational Handouts

o Parent Support groups/sessions

o PowerPoint presentations

COSTS: $225.00 (including GST)

Please note:-

  • This online event will only go ahead if a minimum number of enrolments is reached.  So please enrol early to avoid disappointment.
  • No refund can be offered if you cannot attend.
  • Suzuki Office reserves the right to make any alterations should the need arise.

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