Teacher – Trainee Submission of Coursework for Accreditation Approval

Date Monday 12th August, 2024
Booking For Teachers Only

This deadline applies to any trainee submitting work for accreditation purposes.

The submission of work from the trainee will be forwarded by the Training Administrator for final approval to the Teacher Training Committee.

Please contact the Training Administrator for further information. (teachertraining@suzukimusicnsw.com.au)

Meeting the submission of coursework deadline means that the new accreditation will be published in the  Graduation Concert Program, as well as giving the trainee the choice of being presented with the accreditation Teacher Certificate at the Opera House Concert.

If for whatever reason the work is not received by the deadline, the trainee may still submit all work and receive accreditation from the Teacher Training Committee, it simply means that it will be too late to be published in the Concert Program or have the Teacher Certificate presented at the Opera House.


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