Benefits of attending a Suzuki Event/Festival

  • Be motivated and re-energised about playing an practising

  • Be inspired by hearing a wide variety of playing on your instrument.

  • Be part of an intensive, varied and all engaging specialist music workshop.

  • Gain fresh insight and new approaches to music and your instrument by working with expert International and Domestic tutors.

  • Be immersed in a nurturing and positive environment where everyone is valued and Dr. Suzuki’s message “every child can learn” is evident in all Teaching.

  • Feel the camaraderie and joy of playing together in orchestras and group play ins.

  • Attend or perform in concerts to enjoy music together.

  • Feel supported and encouraged to help your child on their musical journey by attending our free daily parent talks.

  • Attending workshops creates musical bonds with like-minded students and families that blossom into lasting friendships.

  • Create a lifetime of memories by sharing quality time with your child/ren.

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