Paying your Membership using Creative Kids Voucher

Dear Parents,

Thank you for submitting your Creative Kids Voucher for membership payment.

Please note that your membership status will not be updated/completed until we receive the voucher payment from Service NSW. The payment of these vouchers can take up to 4 weeks, so please wait at least one month after submitting this voucher before contacting us if you have not received your membership confirmation email.

While your membership is pending, you may still book into a Suzuki event. In the event application form please quote either your membership number (if known), or simply put NEW if you do not know your number or you if are a new member.

We look forward to sharing another eventful year with you as a Suzuki member.

Suzuki Admin Team
Unit 1, 1 Central Avenue, Thornleigh, NSW 2120
PO Box 4489, Thornleigh, NSW 2120
Ph:- 02 9484 9611
Fax:- 02 9484 7851
Office Hours:- Monday till Friday (9.30am – 2.30pm)
“Music is the language of the heart without words” Dr. Shinichi Suzuki



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